Experience Specialty coffee and fresh SCANDINAVIAN waffles

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Experience Specialty coffee and fresh SCANDINAVIAN waffles

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Out of Our Heart


Born in the east, but raised in the west, there was a man who was destined to discover the world. Brought up in Canada, he thought to himself that there must be more than just the plain coffee and lackluster waffles served within Toronto. He wanted to become the voice for what didn’t exist – the messenger of a coffee so rich and flavorful, waffles so insatiable and sensational, that it would not only become a memory in the hearts of people, but a piece of history which would leave its mark on the world. His thoughts would become scribbles, his scribbles twisted into sweat, his sweat turned into tears and those tears paved the way to an adventure.


He would see all the world had to offer yet nothing left him fulfilled. While many cafes were built with awe inspiring designs, their coffee would lack a soulful taste. Often, he would find bars which served the most mind-blowing of waffles, yet they would be hidden behind buildings decorated in rubble and dust. His journey to bring back home a flavorful plate of explosive taste felt to be pointless. “Nothing will satisfy my expectations” He would think until he found his heart glued to Scandinavia and his feet planted within the rich soils of Brazil. From the meticulous precision behind the crafting of coffee in Brazil, the love delivered behind the baking of the heart shaped waffles in Scandinavia, and the radiating warmth served behind the smiles of both nations; he had found his pieces of art.


His chapter had begun and ended in Canada, for a new book would be born known as Heaffles. A concept which embodies the Scandinavian heart, the Brazilian soul, and the Canadian free-spirited mind. Heaffles has crafted an inimitable wonder inspired by the lack of creativity in its beloved home by providing a cozy and comfortable ambiance, waffles that are brimming with color and eruptive tastes, and coffee that is sprightly, spontaneous, and studious. That is Heaffles! an unforgettable wonder which leaves its initials engraved at the tip of your tongue, the canvas of your mind, and the blood pumping throughout your heart.

Your only limit is your creativity

Your Heart. Your Rhythm.

1 - Waffles

Our waffles come in any form imaginable! It is the base of your art piece and will serve as the foundation for your fillings and toppings. Aside from holding the option to create your own dessert, you may choose from the available combos we offer. When the sun rises you are welcome to brighten your day with an aromatic and fulfilling breakfast. During the night you are home to some of the sweetest of treats Canada has to offer.

2 - Sauces

Once you have chosen your waffle as your canvas, we will be the brush to your painting. Sauces are an essential element to adding richness in flavor, and a visually aesthetic appeal. Our sauces come in great variety and are carefully selected to be a great compliment to all of our available toppings.

3 - Flavors

Variety is the very spice of life and you may find an abundance of this spice within our catalog as we offer a great heap of fruits, honey, and other natural flavors to add zest to your dish or dessert.

4 - Toppings

The fourth step revolves around flavoring your waffle with the most desirable of toppings. Some examples from our menu are Rafaello, Oreo, Kinder, KitKat, Smarties, and countless other savors which you can play with to your hearts content.

5 - Gelato

This stage marks the end of your journey, yet the beginning of your bliss. You may coat your waffle art with a fresh Gelato of your choice. Our selections range from Vanilla, Chocolate, to fruit based Gelato's such as Mango, Blueberry, and much more. Though you may find your art piece to be complete, there is still much more to add to your gallery!  

Green Matcha

Our beans are delivered to us with utmost care from countries such as brazil, ETHIOPIA, along with the best of each countries flavors. These beans are then grounded and brewed into your morning cup. Freshly prepared with care and delivered with love everyday.

Outstanding ingredients

Our attention to detail doesn't neglect our waffles. We support our community by acquiring the freshest local produce. Low fat content and, specialty handmade dough made fresh daily from scratch.

State of the Art Equipment

A cup of perfection is created out of a perfect process. Our espresso is delivered with unparalleled consistency as our machinery includes scales which calculates every drop with utmost precision to ensure your drink always carries the essence of perfection. Consistency is held within every detail such as the temperature, the shots, and even the levels of softness and reduced chloride in our water. Everything is delivered with the thought in mind that our guests deserve nothing but the pinnacle of experience.

Beyond coffee

While Coffee and Waffles are the highlight of our concept. We also offer other specialties such as coffee cocktails, gelato-shakes, and a large variety of flavorful teas.

beyond waffles

Other delicacies are provided ranging from butter croissants, danishes, scones, and much more. Our gelato is also served in cones or cups, and can even be brought to your hearts desire with our special takeaway tubs.

Exclusive espresso - Tchedo & Dario

Heaffles’ espresso beans are exclusively roasted by our friends, and partners at Ethica Coffee Roasters. Tchedo & Dario represents the South of Minas Gerais in Brazil and is made keeping sustainability in mind with a mouth-watering flavor consisting of caramel, and tangerine that leaves a sweet and herbal aftertaste lingering on your tongue.

Our Coffee

Our Commitment to changing the world, one freshly roasted bean at a time.

Our love for coffee goes beyond just delivering top quality beverages for our communities. It extends far into the world as every bean is roasted with love and care sourced from ethically friendly environments.


What are your opening hours?
What is Heaffles?
Is this a franchise?
Are there gluten-free and vegan options?
Can I see the menu?
is heaffles hiring?
Who was the interior designer?


What are your
opening hours?
What is Heaffles?
Is this a franchise?
Are there gluten-free
and vegan options?
Can I see the menu?
is heaffles hiring?
Who was the
interior designer?